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good to try before prescribed meds
By DMili on October 30, 2015

My attempt at controlling my blood pressure along with diet and exercise without jumping on a prescribed mediction. No weird side effects for me, no major drop in pressure, just more a relaxing feeling which for me has reduced my diastolic, Overall pleased with this as it does not upset my stomach, have weird ingredients, or isn't hard to swallow. The botte I got was a different color than listed, either way it's the same ingredients.

Best Blood Pressure Support Supplement
By C.Allen on October 20, 2015

I got this for my mom to try. She is getting older and is now having trouble with blood circulation in her legs. She also has high blood pressure. So after doing some research I found this product, and was offered to try the product for free in exchanged for My Honest Review. Well she said the capsules did not taste bad or anything and they were easy to swallow. They do not make her feel bad in any way, nor do they upset her stomach. She is really impressed with it so far. The bottle comes with 60 capsules in it. You take 1 capsule twice a day, so the bottle should last about a month.

Love this (Perfect Energy Advanced Fat Burner) fat burner
By Amazon Reviewer on March 16, 2016

Best Thermogenic Fat Burner, I enjoyed this product for many reasons, here are just a few: I loved these diet pills and they make me feel outstanding! I have more energy to exercise with, I eat less but more often. I feel full quicker and just feel better all over. These are easy to take and swallow, they don't have an after taste or cause you to burp up later on. They appear to work fast as it has been a week and I've already lost 7lbs. I have PCOS so I needed a jump start on my weight loss journey as PCOS makes losing weight impossible. I like these pills and will gladly buy more in the future at a non-discounted price. I do plan on adding some detox tea in the mix with this product soon and hope that it helps out as I don't want to plateau. I stated working out lightly, changed my diet to eat less but more often, eat healthier foods and take these pills. I'm happy with the results and can't wait to reach my goal to start fertility treatments. All in all I love this product for it's benefits that actually work out, for the fact that it helps boost your metabolism and helps suppress your appetite. I love this product for so many reasons and I would recommend it to everyone looking to get a jump start. I do recommend as always to do research before starting a new product and if you feel necessary ask your doctor about it.